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Diagnostic Services

Veterinary Labwork One of the biggest challenges in veterinary care is that our dogs and cats cannot talk. They cannot verbalize what hurts where and many animals instinctively hide ailments. To overcome this obstacle, veterinarians employ a wide range of diagnostic tools to pinpoint issues quickly and confidently. You can rest assured that your pet will receive the finest care at Indian Tree Animal Hospital where we have a comprehensive array of diagnostic tools ranging from an in-house laboratory for processing bloodwork and intestinal parasite exams, to modern, on-site imaging in the form of ultrasound and digital radiography. Additionally, we've formed relationships with some of the field's finest reference laboratories for unique tests, such as biopsies and other analyses, and with board-certified specialists to assist in diagnosing issues in complicated cases.

At Indian Tree Animal Hospital, our veterinarians routinely collaborate on cases as well, sharing knowledge and experience to ensure that your pet is properly diagnosed the first time and receives appropriate treatment as quickly as possible to quickly resolve whatever health issue they may be afflicted with.

Digital Radiography | Dog X-Ray Finally, if your pet is displaying unhealthy symptoms, we encourage you to call our offices promptly to schedule an appointment. While searching for diagnoses on the internet may seem convenient, we too often comes across dogs and cats who have suffered needlessly and have had their recoveries delayed because their owner incorrectly self-diagnosed using information they found online. The experience and tools at a veterinarian's disposal are much more likely to lead to an accurate diagnosis than the conflicting and sometimes incorrect information found on various websites.

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